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Anywho Reverse Lookup Full Guide & Review

Are you looking to find and reconnect with an old friend, find a lost family member, verify an email address, or simply get more information about a person?

Thanks to Anywho, all this is possible. While it is not the only site to offer this kind of service, it is one of the reliable ones. Read this Anywho review to find out why.

Get to know what it offers; features, benefits, costs, pros, and cons, and everything else you must know before using it.

Anywho in a Nutshell

Anywho review

Anywho is an online people search tool that enables you to find out more information about people, places, and businesses. It collects publicly available information online, and packages them in a simple yet efficient manner to feed its users’ queries.

It is also important you note that Anywho is owned and operated by Intelius, which is also a background check service on its own. So don’t be surprised when you see information derived from Intelius or if you are redirected to the Intelius main website.

Besides, testing it, we also checked real customer reviews to see what other people are saying about it, and here is what we got;

Overall trust score; 3.5/ 5

  1. Pricing; 3.5/ 5 stars
  2. Features; 4/ 5 stars
  3. Customer service; 4.5/ 5 stars
  4. Usability; 5/ 5 stars
  5. Credibility; 3.5/ 5 stars
  6. Accuracy; 4/ 5 stars

Anywho Credibility

As seen from the reviews above, ‌Anywho is an average service. This means that there are other sites with higher ratings that offer better services.

However, it doesn’t mean that Anywho is unreliable. With an average score of 3.5/ 5 and 4 stars for credibility and accuracy, you can still find useful information and leads for your searches.

Anywho Alternatives

If you want a more accurate and reliable service like Anywho, check out these alternatives;


Beenverified is one of the most trusted people search tools you can use to find any personal information about people and details on an address or property. With all the features and benefits it provides, it isn’t free. However, the plans are affordable and come in multiple options to suit different needs. Check out the full BeenVerified Review here.


Another site with higher ratings and trust scores is Spokeo. The service has been around for a while, offering results for people search, address search, and more. It is also a good option if you only want some basic information and don’t plan on investing just yet as it offers a free version. However, for deeper research and more advanced reports, you can check out their premium plans in this Spokeo full guide and review.

Anywho Pricing 

There is a free version for basic search if you don’t want to buy the membership plans or you just want to taste the waters first. But be aware that this is only for basic search and basic results.

For advanced searches and results, check out the paid plans below. The good thing is that at only $24.86 per month, their pricing is easily affordable so you don’t need to break your bank.

Anywho pricing

Anywho Features

There are three main features the service provides;

People Search

Anywho search

This can help you search for an old friend, dig out information about a suspect, verify an email address, or find out more information about that anonymous number that has been bugging you.

You can use the free people search directory to find basic details like contact details, or the paid version for more advanced searches. The site updates information weekly so you can be sure of up-to-date search results.

There are four ways to about this;

  1. Search by names
  2. Search by email address
  3. Use reverse lookup by phone number
  4. you can also add an area code for the best results

Include all information you have for the best results. For example, if you are searching by name, include both the first and the last names.

How to search;

  1. Go to the site and click “People Search”
  2. Enter the first and last names of the person you are searching for, a city, and a state
  3. Add an area code if you have it
  4. Click “Find”/ “Search”

Here is what you will find;

  • Personal Information like phone numbers, email addresses, 
  • Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and websites, Instagram, and so forth
  • Relationships and Relatives including spouses
  • Finances and properties
  • Criminal and traffic records
  • Location History
  • Education and employments

Reverse Phone Lookup

Anywho Reverse phone lookup

Using the Reverse phone lookup feature is easy. All you need is the phone number of the person you want to look up. You can also add an area code to tailor down your search and get the most relevant results.

To search;

  1. Go to the site and click on “Reverse Phone Lookup”
  2. Enter the phone number
  3. Click “Find”
  4. If you want to add an area code, add it and click “search”

Your search results will include;

  • Names
  • Addresses and locations
  • Social media
  • Images and videos of the owner
  • Location

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages features make it fast and easy for you to find local businesses in your area. And there are three ways you can use it;

  1. By business name
  2. By category
  3. And by area code

How to search;

  1. Visit the official website at anywho.com
  2. Click “Yellow Pages,”
  3. Enter the business name or category
  4. The location and click “Find”
Anywho yellow page

You can also add the area code, as shown above, click “Search” and wait for the service to do the rest. Some information in your results will include;

  • Yellow pages listings
  • Maps
  • Coupons
  • Video profiles
  • Online reservations
  • And more

Anywho Verdict

While it doesn’t have a 5/ 5 star, Anywho is a reliable site and is trustworthy for credible information. The fact that it is also Intelius-owned makes it even more credible as Intelius is more popular and has a positive score.

And you don’t need any technical knowledge to use it. The user interface is friendly and easy to work with even for beginners.

However, for advanced information, it is best to try out other sites like BeenVerified and Spokeo. These are more credible, efficient, have a wider database, and are trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AnyWho Free?

Anywho is not entirely free. There is a paid version for advanced searches and results. However, there is also a free version you can take advantage of especially if you just looking for basic information like phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles.

What is the Best Background Check Site

There are many sites you can use to check background information of a person, verify an email, or find a place, or a business. Anywho is one reliable site. You can also check out other background check sites.

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