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How to Block a Phone Number on a Landline

Almost everyone has been in this scenarios of receiving calls from nuisance numbers or automated annoying messages. Whether the incident has happened to you in the past or now, you know well that this is one of the major issues you can have through your landline. Even though it blocking the phone number on your landline seems like an impossible task, the truth is that, it is very possible.

Luckily, there are several techniques you can use to block the phone number or minimize the calls you get from unknown numbers on your landline. Whether using a traditional landline or a home phone that uses the internet, you will have several ways to prevent unwanted calls. You will know how to block a phone number on a landline. So let’s get started.

Here is the Method to Block a Phone Number on a Landline

There are different ways that you can use to block specific numbers. Now let’s explore each of these ways.

1. Call blocking device 

Call blocking device

There are devices out in the market that will help you block spam calls, robocalls, and unwanted calls. The blocking device comes with a preload with span numbers. It possesses another problem whereby the scammers would use other numbers, not in the device’s number list. There are several different devices that you can enter the specific number you want to block.

One of the call blockers you can find in the market is the CPR V5000. With this device, you will be able to block 5000 scammers’ numbers the moment you install it. The device connects your phone and the services line, and it can block the robocalls numbers calls before it reaches your landline.

The good thing with this device is that you can add a new number and click the block button. So the moment an unwanted or scammer calls you, you can enter it manually, and next time the same unwanted number is used to call your landline, you will be able to block the call. The device gives you the storage capacity to enter the 1500 numbers you want to block. With the device, you can block unknown, private, international, and callers based on area codes.

2. Use National Do Not Call Registry

You can use the National Do Not Call Registry to prevent scammers call from different sources. National Do Not Call Registry is a database under the federal trade commission that can be used to filter calls and stop unwanted calls from calling the owner. To register your landline, visit the national do not call official registry website: https://www.donotcall.gov/.

National Do Not Call Registry

Then click on click on your phone.

National Do Not Call Registry

Then on the registration page, you will have to enter the phone number and your email address and click the submit button.

When you register your number, after 31 days, when you receive a call from an unknown or scammer number, you can visit the national do not call official registry website, click on the report unwanted calls, and make your claim.

National Do Not Call Registry

3. Contact the landline service provider

It is a battle that you cannot fight alone, and you can use your landline provider to help block the nuisance calls. With them, you can get both the paid and free services to help you deal with the situation. Also, note that the service can differ between different customers. For instance, the one that uses the BT landline service can use free call protection features that can help you to be protected against the scammer’s calls and send them to the voice mail. The BT landline has a database for the scammer’s callers, and when unknown number callers then, it is checked, and when it is from the scammer, it will send automatically to the voicemail.

Note that different service providers have other ways to prevent unknown callers. Most of them use online tools to block unwanted calls. The traditional landline also has forms that you can use and avoid or stop the calls from unknown callers.

4. Manual blocking

Another technique is manual blocking. For the modern landline, they came with inbuilt features that you can use to set up the locking mechanism in your home phone. Here you can use the landline to block specific scammer’s numbers. Herewith this feature, you will be able to block the number once the scammer calls, and you will give the scammer a limited option of numbers that they can use to call you.

Apart from the ones with a simple blocking feature, some landline phones can work with advanced features that you can use to block the nuisance calls. For example, you can block numbers based on different categories like area code, international calls, and many other types of calls.

Other home phone calls also have a feature to take care of unknown numbers but not scammers. In this case, though, the call will be blocked, and the message will be transferred to an answering machine where a real person can reach you and communicate about it.

5. Use a software

Another option to block a phone number on a landline is by using the software. There are different third-party software that you can use to accomplish the blocking of unknown phone numbers on your landline, but one of the best is Nomorobo. Nomorobo is a software service that you can use to guard your landline from an unknown caller. Once there is an incoming call before it reaches your landline, this software is checked against an updated database. Since the database has a list of both the block list and allow list, when a malicious caller tries to call your home number, it will be locked with the help of the software.

This software has a unique ring that can differentiate between the legitimate and the malicious call. The legitimate call can ring simultaneously, but the scammer call can ring with a few beeps, and then it is blocked by Nomorobo.

To use the Nomorobo or get it on your landline, you must; visit the Nomorobo official website: https://www.nomorobo.com/.


Click the get starts now button.


Then choose the type of phone you can protect.


Then enter the number you want to protect or choose from the provider provided.


Then you will have to enter your email and click next to finalize the application. The application process may vary based on the carrier you are using, so pay attention to the instruction you will get based on your services provider and finish the application.

6. Use the star code

Also, another method you can use to block a phone number on a landline is through a start code. You will use an asterisk and a combination of numbers. For example, you can use *77 to block the anonymous calls from coming through your landline completely.

For blocking specific unknown callers, you can use *60. To do so, follow the below process:

On the landline, take the receiver and then dial in the code *60. With this dial, you will hear a voice that will direct you on how you will block the number. To block a recent number then, you will dial #01#. To block another unknown number, you have to dial #, then the number, and finish with #.

Though the *60 method is effective, it just allows you to block up to 12 numbers. To exit the blocking number mode, you will have to disable it using *80.

Valuable tips on how to block a phone number on a landline

You can minimize the number of calls you get from the scammer by not interacting with the calls you suspect is spam calls; by doing so several times, it will reach a level where they will not bother calling you back because they know that you know they are scammers.

For the VoIP home phone, you can use an interactive voice response system that will act foolproof and stop the robocalls from your device. You can also participate in tracking the scammer by reporting them any time they call you to the right agencies. Here, any reported number will be reported publicly or to the services providers and other agencies with tracking solutions to help either block the number or track down the scammers.

The best way to block the nuisance calls is to invest in an internet-based landline with call blocking functionality to take care of everything through the landline without bothering with using other methods.

Suppose you decide to register your number with the National Do Not Call Registry. In that case, specific numbers will not be blocked, and some of these include numbers from debt collectors, surveys, charities, and political groups.

The bottom line

Though it is not an easy task to completely block the scammer’s calls on your home phone, you can use the methods above to minimize the unwanted calls you get. You can relay with your service provider or combine different ways to block unwanted calls for better results. Note that sometimes it is hard to figure out if the person calling is a scammer or not, so do not give out your personal information once you receive a phone call from a stranger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What code can I use to block unwanted calls on my landline?

You can use *60 to block the recent ten unwanted calls; however, you can also use *77 to block the anonymous calls completely. After dialing *60, you will enter into the call blocking mode, then you will have to enter # the unwanted number and then final dial #.

Can I unblock unwanted calls on my landline free of charge?

Yes. There is a different method that you can use to block the unwanted call free of charge on your landline. These methods are the star code, software, and other methods. For instance, using Nomorobo, there is a free version that you will use unlimited, and it has supper features that you can use to block unwanted calls.

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