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ESET Parental Control Review

A parental control software helps you monitor and keep your kids safe both online and offline without being physically with them all the time.

This is made possible by all the technological features developed by different software companies. ESET Parental Control Software is one service as such.

ESET Parental Control is a easy-to-use solution to parents to keep your kids safe online. Monitor their activity, manage web access, and protect them from inappropriate content.

In this ESET review, learn everything you need to know and how the service can help you. Check out the features, price, pros, cons, and more.

ESET Parental Control

As said above, ESET is a parental control software that helps you monitor your kids’ activities online. It also comes with features such as location tracking features to help you locate your kids anywhere they are, at what time, and for how long, time management features, web filters, app, and site blocker, and more.

– Diana Moraa

ESET Parental Control
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ESET Parental Control is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help parents monitor and manage their children’s online activities. It allows parents to block access to age-inappropriate web content, limit time spent on the internet, monitor app and game usage, and more. The app also features a remote management system that allows parents to manage their children’s devices from anywhere, with notifications when suspicious activity is detected.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Android apps for parents and kids
  • Multiple features and benefits
  • A lifetime free version with basic features
  • No call and text blocking
  • No apps for iOS and Windows devices

How To Start Monitoring With ESET Parental Control

Before anything, it is important to note that you can only access the site if you sign up. This doesn’t mean you have to be a member or buy their plans. Just sign up with your email address and a preferred password and you are in.

The registration is fast and easy;

  1. Go to the main site at parentalcontrol.eset.com
  2. Hit the Create Account button to “Sign Up” with an email and create your password
  3. You will receive a confirmation message in your inbox, click the link in the email to confirm your account creation and sign in
  4. Alternatively, you can log in and access the Home Page with your Google Account.

The best thing is that they offer their service worldwide, you don’t need to worry about the location. You can sign up and use it anywhere you are.

To log in;

  1. Go to the official site
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. Hit “Log In”

Once you log in, you can download the app on your phone, or add a child right on the website.

ESET Features and Benefits

Here are some ESET features that would make you want to use the service;

Web Guard

Are you worried that your kids are onto some inappropriate content from explicit sites online? The Web Guard feature allows you to block and/or approve the sites your child visits. You can set rules across 35 different web content categories to allow your kids to only view the content that is appropriate for them.

App Guard

App Guard works just as well as Web Guard, only that unlike the latter mentioned, it takes care of the apps your kid installs on their devices. It gives you pre-applied features with the power to customize them according to your convenience and need. You get to manage what apps your kids are allowed to install, what games to play, the time to spend on different apps, and more.

Reporting and Notifications

The app works by sending you notifications and reports, which you can view right from your device from your dashboard in your ESET account.

It sends you browsing history, the sites your kid could access, those they tried to access, if they tried to break into a forbidden site, their location as per the settings you made, and more.

Time Management

On the app, there is a section called “Limit Fun and Games”. As it suggests, it gives you the control to monitor and set limits under which your child can access different apps and websites. You can set up specific times of the day, specific days, the time they can spend on the apps, etc. 

Location Tracking

How would you like to know your child’s exact location, at all times? I bet this is the wish of every parent. And ESET got you covered on this, with a feature called “Child Locator”.

Child Locator lets you know where your kid is at and at what exact time. And the best part is that the tracking is on point and accurate. Even if it won’t tell you the exact apartment number, it will give you all the information about the building, which should be enough to know whether your kid is safe.


The service also has an Anti-theft feature that helps you protect your devices against theft and, or any kind of loss. With the location tracking feature, you can just set to always know the location of your device.

If it goes missing, login to your account, mark the device as missing and it will start taking pictures and screenshots automatically.

Password Manager

The Password Manager helps you keep and store your password safely in your account. You can add the passwords that you want to keep safe to your own email or your friend’s emails, where you can easily access and manage them.

ESET Parental Plans and Pricing

You will be pleased to know that ESET has a completely free plan for all its new users, and on all platforms. This gives you some basic features with limitations, but is still helpful, especially if you don’t have too many requirements.

However, if you have more requirements and want to use their advanced features, you have to subscribe to their annual pricing plan, which is still quite affordable.

The ESET Parental premium subscription plan goes for $29.99/ year.

ESET Alternatives

Want to try other services like ESET? Check them out below;

Norton Family

Just like ESET, Norton Family makes it easy for parents to monitor their kids’ online activities and keep tabs on them. It comes with advanced features like time management features, location tracking, web filters, app blocking, and more.

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Net Nanny

Like the name suggests Net Nanny is another similar service to ESET and Norton Family. This parental control app helps you keep your children safe online by ensuring they only view and interact with content that is appropriate for them. You get reports on the sites they visit, the content they view, how much time they spend on different apps and sites, text messages and social media, tracking their location, and more.

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From our expert tests and real user reviews, it goes without saying that ESET is a reliable and trusted service for parents to use. The pros outweigh the cons and there are many features and benefits to enjoy even with the free version.

For advanced features, some of which are extremely important, like location tracing, subscribe to their premium membership at an affordable cost of $29.99.

People Also Asked

What Does ESET Parental Control Do?

As a parental control software, ESET helps parents monitor their kids’ smartphone activities, to protect them from inappropriate and offensive content online. It also helps parents understand their kids better by knowing their interests from the sites they visit the most, places they visit the most, and more.

Is ESET Free?

For every valuable and useful service, there will always be a price to pay. And ESET is not an exception. For advanced features, the price is $29.99 per year. However, if all you want are some basic features, then there is a free version that will work for you just as well, and for as long as you need.