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Glympse Review and Everything you Need to Know

Finding the best location tracking services in today’s technological world is complicated. Many companies offer this service based on features they have developed to satisfy their client’s needs. Some companies have wonderful products, while others provide mediocre services that will waste your money.

As a client, your priorities are the safety of your data, real-time location sharing, good customer engagement, and a better user interface while using the platform. And that is why we have created this review on Glympse. One such site that offers location sharing and tracking.

This article covers everything in depth before you contact Glympse for their services. From how to use Glympse, their features, how to get started, the cost of using Glympse, and so much more. Read on to find out.

Glympse in a Nutshell


Before we dive into the deep ends of this review, here is Glympse at a glance;

The high ratings and many excellent reviews from customers who have used the application online prove that Glympse is reliable and effective.

According to Play store and App Store, the Glympse application is ranked at 4.1 stars out of 5 and 4.8 stars out of 5, respectively, with users on each platform.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Functionality and user interface rated at: 5 stars
  2. Customer support rated at: 4 stars
  3. Pricing rated at: 4stars
  4. Features and benefits rated at: 4.5 stars


Glympse’s two-way communication channel that involves messaging enables customer interaction when it matters most.

  • Real-time Data – Glympse uses machine learning to determine when and how to interact, AI to anticipate client wants and preferences, and much more.
  • Voice Interface capabilities – The IVR, Virtual Assistant, and Chatbot features of Glympse let you enhance customer communication while reducing contact center traffic.
  • Saves on Operational Cost – The proactive client involvement that Glympse’s communication platform promotes and delivers boosts customer happiness while cutting down on operating expenses. Customers of Glympse save $9 on average for every dollar they spend with them.
  • Proactive Communication Channel
  • Secure and private – Glympse operations are made to keep their customer’s data private. By default, they don’t keep, harvest, or sell data.


  • It doesn’t provide location alerts
  • It’s focused only on GPS location.
  • You can’t be able to see other people’s locations if they don’t permit you to

Glympse Features

Glympse boasts of several features that make it stand out in service delivery.

Some of the key features include:

  1. Profile Management: You can customize your username to your preferred choice.
  2. Sending Glympses: it contains a library of APIs for sharing location with specific people for a certain amount of time.
  3. Statistics on tracked views: exact data on who and when opened a Glympse.
  4. ETA and predicted route: this feature calculates the estimated arrival time internally or by the host application.
  5. Private features: Glympse created their accounts with security in mind. Each account is transparent to the viewers, even to the host application doing the Glympse API.
  6. Battery Management: Battery performs at maximum productivity and to manage battery life, hence, using battery power effectively.

Does Glympse have a Free Version?

Yes. According to their website, using their services is free. All you need to do is to download their application from the app store or play store on iOS and Android smartphones to enjoy using their service.

Benefits of Using Glympse

  • Get real-time location data
  • Voice interface capabilities
  • Instant communication
  • Operational savings for business
  • Quick capture of feedback from clients. This is for businesses that use Glympse
  • Secure and private
  • The app is optimized for maximum efficiency while minimizing the consumption of the battery.

Why Use Glympse for your tracking solutions?

There are many reasons you should use Glympse for your tracking solutions. Either for business delivery solutions or close family members and friends.

Some of these reasons include:

Track and share location with your friends and workers instantly

With Glympse pro, they designed their small business solution to help small businesses track and share their workers’ locations. It gives firms insight into where their workers are in real time and the power to decide concerning their business operation.

Privacy in sharing location details

Glympse has a feature that allows its users to either share (or not share) their location whenever they want‌. This gives you privacy in your movements and personal life.

Get ETA data

Glympse tracking features not only give you data on where your friends are, but it also lets you know when they are expected to arrive at a certain destination based on where they are.

Glympse Solutions

Glympse Pricing

To enjoy the services of Glympse, you don’t have to purchase any subscription. Their services are entirely free. All you need to do is download their application on the App store for iPhones and iOS devices and the Google Play store for android smartphones, and sign up.

Glympse Alternatives

Want to check out other services like Glympse?

Here are some options to choose from;


OwnTracks serves as your travel buddy and lets you monitor your location. You can create a personal location notebook or share it with loved ones.


They designed this app to share your location in real time. It is simple to use and works on Android and iPhone devices.

Life360 family locator

Life360 app lets you stay connected to your friends and family through GPS tracking in real time. It also notifies you whenever changes take place.


Zenly has live map tracking, showing your friend’s and family’s location. It’s a fun way to meet up or say what’s up. It makes you feel together, even when you are apart from your friends.

How to Use Glympse

To use Glympse, you must first create an account with them. The process is simple, straightforward forward, and fast.

Step 1: How to sign-up

  1. Go to glympse.com.
get started
  1. Hit the “Get Started” button as shown above
fill out the form
  1. Follow the next easy prompts
  2. Enter your personal and company details and complete the signup process
enter your details

Step 2: How to sign-in

  1. On the sign-up page, click “log in” at the top-right corner
Glympse login
  1. Enter your email and password and “Sign In”
enter username and password

Glympse Mobile Apps

Glympse app

Besides accessing the services on Glympse’s website, the service has several apps for android and iOS smartphone devices. This means you can access Glympse on the go, provided you have an account with them.

Glympse Customer Service

There are different ways to get help for your Glympse queries. You can use their customer support phone number or contact them through a message. To do this, just head to the “contact” page on their website, and choose the best method of your choice.


Glympse is a legitimate tracking site providing its customers with the best services possible. It has reliable features with up-to-date technology for better user experience and accurate results.

For a company like Glympse that offers free tracking services better than some paid companies, it will be beneficial if you try it. Visit their website today to sign up for an account with them.

People Also Asked About Glympse

How long can you share your location on Glympse?

Since it is a temporary sharing event, you are only limited to a 12-hour limit of sharing with your friends.

Is Glympse a good app?

Yes, Glympse is an excellent real-time location app for your everyday life. As seen from the reviews on the post, people like it.

Is Glympse free?

Yes, Glympse is absolutely free for use. You must sign up for an account with them, download their application on your smartphone, and you will be good to go.