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MSpy Review and Guidelines

This spying app is one the best and can be used on both iOS and Android devices. MSpy has been in the industry for a long time, and it brings in different types of packages.

MSpy app is very reliable to use because all the data is fully encrypted, and they make sure your privacy remains safe. It also allows you to track WhatsApp chats, call records, messages, and many other versatile features – including your child’s or employee’s activities on social media sites.

Why Do Choose mSpy App While There are Hundreds More


mSpy app designed an advanced dashboard for monitoring your children’s activities on their smartphones or tablets. mSpy app is also well known for monitoring your employees and other business purposes. mSpy app is a safe and reliable tool that builds a reputation with over a million subscribers since 2010.

Why Do Choose mSpy App, below we’ve collected a short list of things that’s make mSpy app one of the best spyware apps;

  • Availability: mSpy app’s supported in 180 countries.
  • Device Compatibility: mSpy is compatible with iPhone and Android both operating systems are.
  • Features: 36 useful features to monitor the WWW.
  • Customer’s Reviews: mSpy app earned thousands of star reviews on serval platforms like, Trustpilot, and sitejabber.
  • Affordable Cost: mSpy app is affordable and now they offering 30% off for all new sign up. (mSpy app does not offer any free trial period.
  • Usability & Customer support: Only 5 minutes takes to setup the mSpy app, and their customer support is available 24/7.

MSpy also offers a browser detection blocking system. Mspy has a 7-day free trial with comprehensive features but unfortunately, now they don’t offer any trial period.

MSpy Review

MSpy is the number #1 powerful phone monitoring app that enables users to spy mobile phones, tablets, and computers. With MSpy, users can remotely monitor text messages, call logs, GPS locations, social media activity, and more.

– Diana Moraa

Customer service


MSpy is an excellent phone monitoring tool. It offers advanced features such as call logging, text message tracking, location tracking, email monitoring, keystroke tracking and more. mSpy is 3 step solution for monitoring activity on devices. The user has complete control over what data is being monitored and can view the data remotely. MSpy also offers customer support and help with setup and installation.

  • 14-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • mSpy is Compatible with IOS and Android
  • Remotely access
  • No-jailbreak, and non-rooted options.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • No free trial.
  • Most iPhone’s features require jailbreak, including keylogger.

MSpy Subscription Plans and Features

MSpy offers the best in monitoring and tracking technology with flexible subscription plans and features. Let explore them below;

Features1 month Premium – $48.99 /mo3 Months Premium – $27.99 /mo12 Months Premium – $11.66 /moOperating Systems
Call MonitoringYesYesYesIOS/Android
SMS & MMSYesYesYesIOS/Android
Instagram MessagesYesYesYesAndroid
Facebook MessengerYesYesYesAndroid
Current GPS LocationYesYesYesAndroid
Incoming / Outgoing EmailsYesYesYesAndroid
Calendar ActivitiesYesYesYesIOS/Android
Blocking WebsitesYesYesYesAndroid
Browsing HistoryYesYesYesIOS/Android
Keyword AlertsYesYesYesAndroid
Website BookmarksYesYesYesIOS/Android
Wi-Fi NetworksYesYesYesIOS/Android
Application BlockingYesYesYesAndroid
Installed ApplicationsYesYesYesIOS/Android
Additional Device InfoYesYesYesAndroid
Control PanelYesYesYesIOS/Android
Comprehensive ReportsYesYesYesIOS/Android
24/7 SupportYesYesYesIOS/Android
Uninstall AlertYesYesYesAndroid
Unlimited Device ChangeYesYesYesIOS/Android
Source: mSpy

How To Use mSpy App

Technology helps to make our life and education easier, but some people of us use it to make someone’s life disrespectful and questionable. Please don’t use this app if you’re one of them.

mSpy app is a spyware online tool to secretly monitor someone’s activity, you should definitely consider using mSpy if you are an economical small business owner. This app allows you to track all kinds of activity on a target device, including text messages, call logs, web history, and more. That’s definitely a worthy asset for every eCommerce business.

mSpy Dashboard

mSpy app it supper easy to setup, just follow few steps and start monitoring the target device.

Here is how to setup mSpy app;

  1. Just install mSpy app on your iPhone /Android phone, or go mSpy official website.
  2. Then enter your email or phone number.
  3. Choose the operating system (IOS/Android)
  4. Now pick the plan compatible with your needs.
  5. Including payment details and you’re good to go.


Overall, mSpy is an effective tool for monitoring online activity and ensuring the safety of family members and other loved ones. It is a secure parental control app for parents who are concerned about their children’s online safety and take preventive measures to keep their loved ones safe. mSpy is an invaluable resource to have in any family’s digital toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does mSpy work?

MSpy is a parental monitoring software that works by tracking the device’s usage and sending reports back to the parents. It can monitor text messages, web browsing history, social media activity, app usage, and locations. Additionally, MSpy can be used to block certain apps and websites, and it can even be used to set time limits on device use. MSpy requires installation on the target device to activate the MSpy app and start monitoring.

Does mSpy work on iphone?

Yes, mSpy is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It offers a range of features to help you monitor target device usage, including tracking text messages, emails, calls, and browsing history. mSpy also offers an array of parental control features such as remote control, location tracking, and keylogger.