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Norton Family Parental Control Review and Guide

You can only keep your family, and especially your kids safe when you know where they are, what they do, and their online activities. Now, this is almost impossible to do physically, But thanks to parental control software that does all the legwork for you and reports everything to you.

Parental control software is a tool that let you access your kids’ phones and view their online activities such as the apps they install and use the websites they visit, their social media profiles, YouTube content, set screen time, and other limits.

Norton Family is one of the best parental control programs. The service was launched back in 2009 even before most services of its kind were created. It is aimed to foster communication between parents and children involving online activities.

The fact that it has been in operation for a long time is proof that it is reliable, convenient, and delivers to users’ expectations. Read on Norton Family review, to determine if it is your best parental control program option.

Norton Family Review

Norton Family helps protect children’s online safety by providing parents with parental control software to monitor and manage their digital activities. With advanced reporting, parents can block websites and apps, set time limits, and receive alerts when potentially harmful activities occur.

– Diana Moraa

Norton Family
Customer service


Norton Family is a parental control and monitoring app that helps parents protect their children from online threats and digital dangers. It enables parents to view their children’s activities, set appropriate boundaries, and receive alerts when their children visit dangerous sites, thus helping them keep their kids safe online. Overall, Norton Family is a powerful tool that assists parents in keeping their kids safe in the digital world.


Why Use Norton Family

Norton Family

There are unlimited reasons to use Norton Family to keep your kids safe;

Help your Kids Explore the Internet Safely

Internet and technology are part of our everyday life, especially in this era. This doesn’t mean all content on the internet is child friendly. There are a lot of things on the internet no parents would want their kids to view and interact with.

And since you can’t completely restrict your kids from logging online, you can use Norton Family to know what they are doing online, keep them away from inappropriate content and help them understand why you blacklisted and/ or whitelisted some content.

Manage your Kids’ Remote School Time

Remote learning is growing and becoming more common amongst children of all levels at school. It has made things easier for parents, teachers, and kids.

And being online without limits, it is easy to be swayed off by a single Instagram or Facebook notification, which ends up causing time wastage.

Notion Family time comes with features that help you set the limits for your kids online so they can focus on schoolwork the whole time they need to.

Locate Your Kids’ Location

Get to know your kids’ whereabouts by tracking their phone locations. Notion Family not only comes with tools to map out where your children at in real time but also 30 days location history, so you know where they have been and places they frequent.

Notion Family Features and Benefits

Notion Family comes with multiple features that allow you to filter content on the internet, Whitelist, and blacklist sites, location tracker, and more.

Check them out below in detail;

1. Web Filtering

Web Filtering tools let you decide what time of content to let your kids view online. You can easily do this by setting restriction levels and when your kid accidentally or deliberately attempts to access a restricted site, you get notified immediately.

You can then either approve for the child to view the site, or block it before they set their eyes on it. You can also filter by category and block your kids from sites such as pornography, sex education, drugs, alcohol, social networking, web proxies, mature content, alcohol, or sharing files. You can also filter by device or time range.

2. Time Supervision

With the time supervision feature, you get to decide when your child uses their hardware. Notion Family allows you to schedule device usage, and internet usage, limit time spent, on certain apps, websites, and programs, block access to or from the internet when time is up and warn the kids when the time is almost up or when they reach their limits.

3. Location Tracking

Want to know your kids’ location and keep tabs on them all the time? Notion Family location tracking feature got you covered.

Besides ensuring your kids’ safety only, the service allows you to monitor and track your kids’ devices, letting you know where they are. The geo-fencing capabilities ensure your kids are in a safe location.

You also get to view the location history and a map with pins where your kids have been throughout the location history. When you click these pins, they reveal the actual address. You can also filter the location by dates.

4. Apps and Video Monitoring

Unfortunately, this only works on smartphones on iOS and Android devices, and not on PC. However, it is still a useful and convenient feature to ensure your kids only engage with appropriate content on YouTube, HULU, and other apps and Video streaming sites.

Monitor the kind of videos your kids are watching, how long they watch them, the dates and times of viewing, as well as the categories of the videos. You can also open the items and view the descriptions, feature images and thumbnails, and a link to view the video yourself.

Notion Family Pricing and Plans

New members can choose to start with the Notion Family 30-day free trial. This gives you access to all the features and benefits of a fully paid plan.

Creating an account to get this offer is easy.

  1. Go to the Notion Family main site and hit the huge “Start 30-day trial”
  2. You can sign in with Google or Apple or create an account with your email address
Notion Family Pricing

You can also start with their $29.99/ year subscription;

  1. Hit “Start Subscription” on the home page 
  2. This will open a new window
  3. Hit “Buy Now” and complete the order

Notion Family Customer Support

The support page has different categories to make it easy to find help when you need it. These categories include account help, device protection, identity protection, how to renew, and premium services.

You can use the search bar to search for whatever topic you want. This opens up links to articles with the answers to your queries. Better still, you can opt to call or email them.

Notion Family Alternatives

Want to try out other parental control programs like Norton Family? Here are the best alternatives;


Canopy comes with the same features as Notion Family. It lets you access your kids’ devices and take a peek at their online activities. You have the control to block sites you consider inappropriate, whitelist the sites you approve, and filter content. Check out the full review in this guide.

Net nanny

Net Nanny has been around for quite a while now. For the time they have been in the industry they have garnered multiple positive reviews from their users and built trust in their services and features. Check out the full Net Nanny review in this guide.

The Verdict

It goes without saying that Norton Family delivers exactly what it promises its users. The user interface is great and user-friendly, offers effective features, location tracking and history, screen time management, and more.

The price is pretty affordable too and you can start with the free trial or 30 days to get a taste of what the paid subscription offer. All you have to do is create an account, which is also fast and easy, and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Norton Family work?

Norton Family allows parents to set up rules and restrictions for their children’s devices, such as blocking inappropriate websites or limiting screen time. Parents can also receive alerts when their child tries to access blocked content.

Can Norton Family be used to monitor social media activity?

Yes, Norton Family can be used to monitor social media activity on supported platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Is Norton Family compatible with other Norton products?

Yes, Norton Family is compatible with other Norton products, such as Norton Security and Norton 360.