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How To Track A Package Online

Sometimes you might have wondered why tracking a parcels is important, but certainly, there are several reasons for you to participate in these services. First of all, tracking internal parcels makes your business more competitive or make it easy to shopping from anywhere.

These days, customers want regular updates of shipments and tracking numbers when submitting orders. They expect to be informed about the date when their parcels will reach them and, ideally, the time the parcels will arrive.

If you don’t provide parcel tracking services, your customers will turn to your competitors, who offer better shipping services. Internal tracking of parcels allows you quickly and accurately track packages that your company ships.

Why Do People Track A Package?

Tracking of Packages has several noteworthy benefits to your business. Some of these benefits are discussed below;

Package Location 

The tracking numbers enable you to follow the movement of a parcel up to delivery. You are able to see where a breakdown has occurred in the shipping process and if there is a delay or any other shipping issue.

Increased Efficiency 

The quick location of parcels also improves the efficiency of your supply chain, making your work easier. You don’t need to waste time looking for lost parcels. Without tracking services, you will spend more on returns.

Contactless Confirmation 

The global outbreak of diseases has made the contactless delivery of packages more important than ever. Contactless confirmation enables your team to hand off parcels to clients without getting close to them. The parcel can be dropped at the doorstep having a photo that confirms delivery from your team.

How To Send & Track a FedEx Package

fedex package tracking

Sending a FedEx parcel is easy. First, you will need to label your item after you have packaged it. Then, you have to select delivery services that match your needs and pay for them.

Finally, send the parcel off. This article will discuss the process of sending and tracking your package to where it is needed.

Part 1: FedEx Parcel Shipping

1. Make sure that your parcel contains items that can be transported.

Packaging the goods

Packages with dangerous or hazardous materials and goods, like medicine and chemicals, may not qualify to be transported. Some other goods, like batteries, may need special labeling for shipment.

The delivery team will come up with a list of all goods known to be dangerous or hazardous, along with proper guidelines for transporting these items.

fedex package

2. Packaging the items

You can order the right packing supplies through the internet or visit your nearest FedEx store. In general, you need to use a shipping tube, standard cardboard box, or an envelope, which come in different sizes.

If necessary, pad your package with bubble wrap. Ensure you close your package securely, either by applying tape on all seams (for a box), with the in-built glue strips (for an envelope) or by reinforcing the wrapped ends with tape (for a tube).

Package wrapped ends with tape

 3. Fill the shipping labels and all other necessary documents

For domestic shipping labels, you will need to give both the recipient’s and sender’s name, phone number, and address. You also must provide the value and description of the items you are sending, as well as the total weight of your package.

Note that you can fill out the forms at any shipping FedEx by hand from store or visit their website and fill them in at the comfort of your home.

  • First You need to fill out the documents, go to FedEx website and download delivery receipt, or get FedEx from the store.
  • For international parcels, you must fill out some customs documents, which include the system code and the export classification number.
shipping labels

4. Put the labels on the biggest flat sides of the containers

Slip the labels into the clear, plastic pouches and peel the adhesive backings off. Securely attach the labels to the main flat sides of the transporting containers, and ensure you do not tape over these labels or cover them up.

If your packages are so small that they cannot fit the whole labels on one side, ensure the addresses of the recipients are on one side and the barcodes on the other.

Part 2: Selecting the FedEx Delivery Services

fedex Delivery Services

1. Decide how speedily you would like the packages to arrive

There are several options for you to choose from, including 1-5-business-day delivery, 3-business-days delivery, next-business-day delivery, or same-day delivery.

For international parcels, you can go for the international economy (two to five days), international priority (one to three days), or the fastest-possible delivery (one day).

packages to arrive

 2. Obtain insurance against damage or loss

For goods worth less than one hundred dollars, you only need to indicate their value on their shipping labels, and the company pays you in case of loss.

For higher valued goods, you need to pay 0.90 dollars to 100 dollars for insurance.

shipping insurance

3. Paying the transport costs

The cost of shipping varies with the size and weight of the parcel, along with the service you choose. If you visit the stores, you can pay through a credit/debit card, a cheque, or cash.

If you decide to print your labels online, you will have to pay using a credit/debit card or electronic money transfer before printing out the labels.

Part 3: FedEx Packages Tracking

FedEx Shipping the Packages

1. Drop off your packages if you are free

If you work or live near one of FedEx’s stores, you can drop off the packages that you would have paid for.

Drop off your packages

2. If it is more convenient, make arrangements for the packages to be picked up

If you find it more convenient, make some arrangements to have your parcel collected from your office or home. You can call 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339) for such arrangements.

make arrangements for the packages to be picked up

3. Track FedEx packages with the tracking number on the receipt

The dispatching receipts have a tracking number. To track the packages, input this ID code at FedEx website. This will reveal the details of your shipment along with the past and current locations for the parcels.

How To Track a USPS Package

The knowledge of tracking USPS packages will enable you to make sure that the parcels that you ship reach their destinations within the expected time.

Nowadays, the US Postal Service is offering several services that enable you to track your packages step by step.

Tracking packages is now straightforward, but you need to acquaint yourself with various available options before making a shipment.

USPS Package Tracking

 1. USPS Package Tracking

Set up some trackable forms of shipment through the USPS. It is worth noting that not all packages or letters can automatically be tracked via the US postal system; therefore, you have to choose a method that allows tracking.

Some methods will require you to wait for forty-five days for your lost mail:

  1. Domestic media mail or first class shipments don’t automatically include package tracking. You have to request for tracking to be added, for which you pay additional charges.
  2. Some other shipping forms like Priority Mail include package tracking.
trackable forms of shipment through the USPS

2. USPS Tracking Number

The USPS delivery receipt contains a tracking ID number. Make sure you’ve got receipt from online website or from a psychical store.

The format and length of your tracking ID may vary with the method of shipment.

USPS tracking ID number

3. Visit the USPS website

The USPS website contains links that will direct you to tracking packages. There is also a search box that can also help you track your package. To do Just Enter your tracking ID code into the search box.

4. Grasp the USPS Location Descriptions

Some of the terminologies used by USPS are straightforward, whereas others are a little less comprehensible.

  1. For instance, “Arrived at USPS Origin Facility” indicates the moment your package was registered in the sorting system.
  2. “Arrived at Post Office” appears when your parcel has arrived at its final USPS facility.
  3. “Out for Delivery” means that your package has been handed over to postal agents for delivery.
  4. You will see “Unable to Deliver” if your package needs a signature so as to allow delivery. Such packages are usually returned to local postal facilities to be delivered later.

How To Track An UPS Package

UPS Package Tracking

USPS is one of the biggest package delivery companies. The process of shipping with USPS is easy, provided that you follow their proper guidelines.

For instance, your parcel has a higher probability of arriving safely if you safeguard its content with a proper cushion.

Step 1: Choose an appropriate box for your goods

Typically, packages are transported in boxes made of cardboards. You can buy one from your nearest shipping center or make your own. The box should easily fit all the goods you plan to dispatch with some room left over. It should not swallow your item, but it should leave room for cushioning.


 Step 2: Confirm that your items are not prohibited

Prohibited items

Prohibited items will not be shipped by UPS. If they are shipped and inspected, then you will have to take full responsibility for the item.

Prohibited items include:

  • Ammunition
  • Postage stamps
  • Ivory
  • Hazardous waste
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal substances (for example, marijuana)

Step 3: Sending the Packages

Sending the Packages

Ensure that UPS delivers your package to your desired destination. UPS can dispatch to any street address, but not a post office box. Make sure the street address you give is correct, failure to which the packages will be returned or delayed.

 Step 4: Choose a delivery service

Packages Delivery

If you want to send the package to a destination within your locality or country, go for domestic service. Enquire from the UPS store about the available shipping options, but usually, you will be given a number of options for local deliveries:

  1. Ground delivery: The package will arrive at the desired destination within five days. Again, the delivery may take longer if the package is being shipped to a destination outside the USA. It is the cheapest option available.
  2. 3-day select: The package will arrive at the desired destination within three days. The delivery may take longer if the package is being shipped to a destination outside the USA.
  3. 2-days air: The packages reach their destination within two business days.
  4. Next day air: With this service, the package is delivered overnight. It is the most expensive and the fastest delivery option.

Step 5: Attach the shipping information

shipping information

Attach the dispatching label to the shipping box if you have printed it out. You can pick up a clear plastic pouch at the UPS center.

Alternatively, you can secure the label to the box with clear tape making sure that no information is obscured before you send out the package.

You can also choose to add the shipping information, such as the preferred delivery service, when you reach the dispatching center.

Step 6: Calculating the sending cost online.

Calculating the sending cost

Sometimes you may find that the cost of shipping is higher than you expected, especially for international shipments. If you’re worried about the shipping cost, visit ups.com and calculate it using the shipping calculator.

Then Feed all the shipping info into the shipping calculator, including the size of your box and its weight, to get the expected cost of shipping.

Step 7: Study the regulations of the other country before you can ship internationally

Certain goods in some countries require clearance or are prohibited. There may also be policies limiting the shipping of goods internationally, such as export/import documentation and value limits.

If you’re not conversant with the regulations and policies of the country of destination, contact UPS.

Step 8: Track an UPS Package

Go to UPS website, then click on “tracking” it will redirect to tracking page. Enter the number on the box to track your package.


In a nutshell, many people go for USPS for pocket-friendly shipping deals. It is convenient, cheap, and includes fast delivery, free pick up, and a broad network of places. FedEx and UPS are competitors when it comes to prices and services.

FedEx has cheaper deals often, but you have to deal with many pickups every now and then, depending on the services you choose. UPS sends all your items at once, though their charges are a bit higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my package with my tracking number?

To track packages, send a message to UPS to know the status of the shipment. Text the parcel tracking code to the designated number, and you will get a reply with info about your package.

How can I know the tracking number of my package?

You can find your parcel tracking number by checking your receipt or through email. For instance, the confirmation email you receive after paying for the shipment contains a unique tracking code for the order. It is seen in the body of the email.

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