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Zabasearch Review and Guides

What is the best search engine/ tool to find reliable information about a person living in the US online?

In today’s advanced technology world, having information about people is crucial in the making of decisions that affect our lives and workplaces. Hiring managers could look up information on the person they are about to hire, when you are doing background checks for an individual you just met, or when trying to get in touch with a long-lost friend after a long time.

This is where background check sites come in handy. These are search engines where you can look up information on a specific person to get their life history, age, residential address, what they do, their whereabouts, their relatives, and more. They compile information on your specific target using public sources such as social media to provide these report.

One such site that offers these services is Zabasearch.

This article takes you through everything you need to know before you use Zabasearch; how it works, its features, the cost of using it, and more.


Zabasearch is a people search engine that allows users to search for people by name, phone number, address, and email. The site also provides reverse phone and address lookup, as well as a public records search.

– Diana Moraa.

Accurate Results wit Intelius


Zabasearch is an online search engine that helps people to find people by name and location. It is a free service that allows users to search for past and present addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information.



  1. Low-cost subscription plans – There are two main subscription plans you can choose from Zabasearch packages; the 1-month plan at $24.86 with unlimited reports, or the 2-month unlimited reports package going for $42.25.
  2. Better user interface – Zabasearch site has a straightforward user interface that lets one easily navigate the platform with no problems. When on the homepage, you can immediately start your search without signing up and receive a report on the free version.
  3. Compatible apps for all smartphone devices – Zabasearch provides its users with a compatible application for both Android and iOS smartphones. Making it easy for users to do their search while on the go.


  1. You can only search records of United States residents only
  2. Information provided may not be accurate because of constant change by the targeted person hence not useful
  3. To get a well-detailed report, you must sign up for a premium subscription

How Accurate is Zabasearch

The many reviews and ratings online from people who have used Zabasearch are proof that it is an average service for reliability and accuracy.

Its search features include the name of the person, the state they are in, and other details that narrow down the search to bring you more relevant results. It allows its users to fine-tune their search results so that they can get precise information about a person.

On the downside, it doesn’t guarantee up-to-date results.

This is because it scoops its information from publicly available information like social media, where individuals put data that they are willing to publicly put out there. So, when there isn’t enough information or the target doesn’t constantly update their details online, it becomes hard to acquire their updated information.

Does Zabasearch have a free version

Yes, Zabasearch is a free people search option that lets you get basic information such as names, addresses, ages, and partial phone contacts.

However, if you want more detailed reports, then you’ll have to sign up and pay for a subscription plan through Intelius (owners of Zabasearch).

There are two prices for Zabasearch;

  1. 1-month unlimited reports for $24.86
  2. 2 months of unlimited reports for $42.25

Please note these subscription plans are always renewed automatically unless canceled. Make sure to check out the terms of use on Intelius to know what you are getting yourself into.

Benefits of using Zabasearch

Here are some reasons you should use Zabasearch:

  1. Get contact information
  2. Phone lookup
  3. Email lookup
  4. Criminal records
  5. Transactional history
  6. Education Report
  7. Wealth and business report

Why Use a People’s Finder Like Zabasearch

There are lots of reasons one may want to look up someone’s information on a site like Zabasearch. Some reasons include:

Reconnect with Your Loved Ones

Are you on the lookout for a close friend, classmate, or family member that you have lost touch with for a long time? All you need to do is know their basic information like their first and last name, and the state they lived in. Zabasearch will then find you the rest of the information you need.

Improve Customer Data

Zabasearch gives you the comfort of easily searching emails and contacts of your potential clients and customers. This will help generate more leads for your business hence boosting your outreach and revenues.

Select Good Employees

As an employer, you are always on the lookout for good employees with a good reputation and necessary skills. Zabasearch will help you find more details on your potential employee thus letting you know the best decision on whether to hire them or reject their job application.

Search Yourself

Sometimes as an individual, you may want to know what the online world has on you. Maybe you want to monitor your online reputation and public records or keep some private data out of reach for the online space. Zabasearch will help you unearth whatever information is online about you.

Zabasearch Find Result

Here is what you will get in your Zabasearch search results:

  • Contact info
  • Address and property
  • Criminal and court records
  • Photos 
  • Location History
  • Family members
  • Social media profiles
  • Personal records

Top 3 Zabasearch Alternatives

Below is a list of other sites that offer the same services as Zabasearch. Check them out;

1. Spokeo

Spokeo is a convenient and reliable people search site that gives you the option to look up information about your targeted person. It has a free version that lets you get some basic information such as social media profiles, physical addresses, and contact information.

If you want more advanced background reports like criminal records, you’ll have to subscribe to their membership plans which are also quite affordable. You can search by names, numbers, physical, and email addresses.

Spokeo’s membership plans include $22.95 a month, and $17.95 per month for three months.

2. PeopleFinders

Just like Spokeo, PeopleFinders presents you with a free version that is quite reliable in giving you basic data on your target and more detailed reports on paid memberships. Some details your results may include are personal details and records, location history, family background, criminal records and so much more. 

Their membership plan starts at $9.95

3. BeenVerified

Beenverified another alternative to Zabasearch. This site allows you to search for people online, reverse phone search, and email lookup. It has features like username search, unclaimed money, and vehicle search.

BeenVerified will provide you with basic information about your search for free, but to get more data, sign up for a premium membership.

How To Use Zabasearch To Find People

Getting started with Zabasearch is very simple. For the free version that allows you to look up basic information, all you do is:

  1. Go to Zabasearch.com
  2. Choose between the “people search” option or the “reverse phone search” icon. Anyone you prefer.
  3. Fill in the blank spaces as prompted
  4. Click on “Search” to get the information you want.

If you want more information on your target, you can upgrade to a paid background check by clicking on a link that will be available after the free report then it’ll lead you to Intelius.com for signup and payment of your preferred package.

Zabasearch Features

Zabasearch boasts of the following features:

People Search

This is one of the main features Zabasearch provides for its users. It is easy to use and returns loads of information on your search. All you have to do is type in and other the full names of your target and any other information you have to narrow down your search.

What you get;

  • Tax records
  • Associated names
  • Current residential address
  • Phone numbers
  • Associated email address
  • Criminal records
  • Education records
  • Family members
  • Date of birth and age

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

This feature allows you to search for a target’s phone number by typing the number of the person you are looking up in the search bar.

What you get;

  • Telephone numbers 
  • Addresses  
  • Three times more residential listings

Zabasearch Mobile Apps

Besides the Zabasearch website, the service has applications for Android and iOS devices. This means you can easily download the Zabasearch app on your Android and iPhone and use their services search while on the move.

Zabasearch Full Guide and Review-Verdict

Zabasearch is a legitimate people finder that is clear about its services, operations, and features that it provides to its clients. While there are better alternatives as mentioned in the article, Zabasearch is still impressive and gets the job done more often.

However, remember that invasion of privacy can be a chargeable offense so never use it for blackmail or scam. Rather, use it to build friendships, reconnect with friends and family, and get to know each other better.

People Also Asked About Zabasearch

Does Zabasearch cost money?

Zabasearch offers a free service to give you basic information on yourself or the targeted person. However, you can later head on to Intelius for a paid service to get more detailed information and well-scrutinized background checks.

How do I find a person on Zabasearch?

Go to the website Zabasearch.com. On the homepage, click the “people search” button and fill in the details of your targeted prospect. Then click search to enable Zabasearch to look up the data that you are looking for.

Can I trust Zabasearch?

As stated above, Zabasearch is a legitimate site that provides its services openly and straightforwardly from publicly available records. Please note that some data offered may not be up to date and hence not useful.