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How to See Anonymous Viewers on Facebook Story

Normally, when you share a photo or video on your Facebook Story, you are able to see who has seen it, who has reacted to it, and who has commented on it.

But thanks to Facebook ever changing and upgrading technology, this is not up to you anymore. The viewer can choose to view your content anonymously without Facebook showing them to you.

This may sound like a cool idea if you are the one viewing other people’s stories privately. However, when the tables turn, it is no longer so cool. Everyone wants to see who is onto them and who is viewing their postings.

But is there a way to find out how to see anonymous viewers on Facebook story?

How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously

How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously

First, how is it even possible to view someone else’s story without being detected? That is the easy part. So before we get to how to see the people viewing your stories privately, let’s first find out how they can be able to do that.

There are different methods; you can either use the half-swiping trick, deactivate your account, switch to Airplane mode, or block them.

1. The Half-Swiping Trick

This is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is open a story and close or skip it before it ends, viewing only half of it. It is especially a great trick if the story is just an image or a photo. For videos, you may only see the thumbnail and a little snippet.

This may not sound like a good idea but at least you will have an idea of what the story is all about even if you just viewed half of the video. By doing this, Facebook won’t be able to register you.

2. Switching to Airplane Mode

You automatically and immediately get disconnected once you switch to airplane mode. And o view stories, privately or publicly, you must be connected to the internet. So how do you do that?

  1. Log into your Facebook account from your phone
  2. Scroll through all the stories you want to view so they are already loaded when you switch to airplane mode
  3. Now switch to airplane mode
  4. Go back to your Facebook homepage and open the stories
  5. Once you are done, force quit the application and make sure to completely close it to stop it from running in the background before disabling the airplane mode

Since you will be “offline” Facebook won’t be able to register you.

3. Blocking them

When you block someone on Facebook, it restricts them from seeing and interacting with any of your content. This means they won’t be able to see anything your post on your timeline or your stories.

And it is two-way traffic. You also won’t be able to see anything they post on their timeline and stories. However, you can see their stories through a mutual friend, and only if they tag them because then, it will appear on this mutual friend’s timeline.

Blocking people on Facebook is also not so easy, it could send a bad sign to the person you blocked and ruin relationships. So before you go by this method, make sure it is a relationship you don’t mind losing.

4. Deactivating your Account

This may sound like such an extreme and long process, which is. But if you are determined to be anonymous, then no process is long enough to stop you.

Here is what you do;

  1. Log into your Facebook and click on the stories you would like to view
  2. After viewing all the stories, click on the three dots at the top right corner for more options
  3. Click on “settings” then the “Privacy” option
  4. Click on “Delete your Account”
  5. Two options will pop up; “delete” and “deactivate”, click on deactivate
  6. Log in again after about 24 hours and no one will ever know you viewed the stories

How to Tell who Has Seen Your Stories on Facebook

To tell who has viewed your story is quite easy;

  1. At the top of your feed, go to the stories section
  2. Click on your own story
  3. At the bottom left, you will see sort of link “see viewers”
  4. Click on it to see a list of all the people who have viewed your story

This will only let you see people who have viewed your story publicly starting with your friends.

Control Who Can See your Stories

Luckily, there is a way to decide who sees your Facebook story and who doesn’t. All you need to do is;

  1. Click “add a story” at the top of your feed
  2. Upload a photo or an image
  3. Click next and choose your preferred options at the bottom right
  4. At the audience selector, you can choose to;
    • Make your story public. This means everyone including your friends, followers, and messenger contacts can view it.
    • Allow Friends to view. This means only the people you are friends with will be able to view 
    • Enable Custom viewing. This lets you choose the people you want to view your story and it will be shown only to these specific people.

How to See Anonymous Viewers on Facebook Story

While there are different ways to view Facebook stories anonymously, Facebook doesn’t really have a way to let you see anonymous viewers of your own stories. Not even with third-party apps.

This is because if anyone uses the methods discussed above to view a Facebook story, Facebook has no way of registering their names.

The good news is that it is easy to see all your friends, followers, and even people you have communicated with on messenger who views your stories. And you also have the option to control who sees your story.

So if you are worried about being followed or monitored through your Facebook, you can always set it for only your friends, only your followers, or only the specific people you choose through custom viewing to see your stories.


While there is no specific way how to see anonymous viewers on Facebook, the app gives you control over who sees what you post. On the settings, you can choose to only let your friends and followers, or customize and choose who specifically can view your stories.

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How to see Anonymous Viewers on Facebook Story?

Currently, there is no way how to see anonymous viewers on Facebook story. But you can control your story viewers from the settings by customizing who sees your content.

How to view Facebook Stories Anonymously?

There are different ways you can view other people’s stories privately. You can use the half-swiping trick, deactivate your account, switch to Airplane mode, or block them and view their stories through mutual friends.

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