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TruthFinder Review and Guidelines

In their own words, TruthFinder is one of the most trusted background check sites in the US. The company claims to go deeper to find credible and accurate results compared to most of its competing services.

But are these claims true?

Like any other service, you will find some glitches with how the site works. However, you are bound to be more impressed than disappointed. Find out more about TruthFinder below;

TruthFinder Review

TruthFinder is a people search engine that allows you to find people by name, email address, phone number, and physical address. Also, you can check anyone’s contact information, social media profiles, and criminal records.

– Diana Moraa

Customer service


TruthFinder is a public search website to check someone’s background information. With TruthFinder, users can easily search for information on people, businesses, and even addresses. TruthFinder uses advanced technology to access millions of public records from federal, state, and local government sources, as well as private sources.

  • Accurate records obtained: The reviews and ratings the site has is enough proof that they provide accurate results. Whether you want to find someone’s address, where they work, their friends and/ or family members, or another phone number or email address to contact them, TruthFinder has got you covered.
  • Easy-to-use interface: The interface is straightforward and user-friendly. The site layout is simple, making it easy for you to navigate your way around, even as a first-timer.
  • Great customer support: Whether you need them to answer a question, you have a query you need a solution for, or you want to cancel your plan, the customer service at TruthFinder is always available to help, during work hours (6 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday). You can call them on their number, email them, or fill out the online form (more on customer support below).
  • Great membership benefits: While there isn’t a free version or even a free trial for new members, the TruthFinder premium membership plans come with great benefits and features that you can take advantage of and leverage. It definitely offers great value for your money.
  • Apps for both iOS and Android: If you don’t want to use the website or want to perform your searches on the go, TruthFinder has made it possible through their apps which are available for both Android and Apple users.
  • Advanced search results: You will be happy with what your report provides on your search. From basic information like names and numbers to advanced details like criminal records, TruthFinder includes it all in your reports.
  • No trial period
  • You can’t pay per report either
  • Annoying pop-up ads
  • Only available in the US

Inside a TruthFinder’s Search Report

Your TruthFinder search results will include;

  • Personal information including images, job history, education history, relatives
  • Contact information including phone numbers and emails
  • Present and past addresses/ locations
  • Criminal records
  • Social media profiles
  • Property details
  • Financial information
  • Traffic offenses

TruthFinder Pricing

There are two membership plans on TruthFinder that are quite affordable;

  • The one-month membership plan goes for $28 per month
  • A two-month membership plan that goes for $23/ month (paid at once; $46)

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have a free trial for new members and doesn’t allow a pay-per-report kind of payment arrangement either. This means it doesn’t matter how many searches you want to do, you must subscribe to one of their two membership plans to get your results.

TruthFinder Alternatives

If you want to check out how other sites like TruithFinder work, here are some of its best alternatives;


One advantage Spokeo has over TruthFinder is that it actually has a free version of the services. While you can’t expect to get advanced details on your search, it is still a convenient way to get some basic information like city, state, and age.

If you wish to dig deeper and have more detailed reports, you can always check out their pricing page for premium membership options, which are also pleasingly affordable.


BeenVerified is more like TruthFinder when it comes to pricing. The service is entirely subscription-based and offers no services for free. However, their premium membership plans are quite affordable too.

They even offer a $1 trial offer you can take advantage of for seven days, after which you will decide whether you want to go premium with one of their advanced plans or you want to cancel your account. Read the BeenVerified full review here.


PeopleFinder has a similar pricing structure as BeenVerified. Only that this time, it is not $1 for a 7-day trial period. Rather, it offers a free 3-day trial period, if you buy one report which only includes the basic info like name, address, phone number, relatives, age, and neighbors, as shown below. This goes for $0.95.

Alternatively, you can buy the full report for $3.95 and get the 3-day free trial offer.

How to Start Search with TruthFinder

Keep in mind that you must have a TruthFinder account for you to use the site. This also means having a premium membership subscription.

How to Sign Up TruthFinder

There is only one way to sign up;

  1. Go to truthfinder.com
  2. In the search box on the home page, enter the names of the person you want to search
  3. You can add a city and state to your search
  4. TruthFinder will then present a list of the available results for the report
  5. Click “Open Report” to view your results as you sort through the names
  6. In the next window that opens, you will be asked to input your name, email, and ZIP code to start your sign-up process
  7. Choose your preferred membership plan on the next page and fill in the details of your payment methods
  8. Click “submit” and wait for a confirmation email.

How to Log In Truthfinder

  1. Go to truthfinder.com
  2. From the menu, click “log in”
  3. Enter the email you created the account with and the password, and hit “LOG IN”

TruthFinder Features and How to Use Them

There are 4 ways to use TruthFinder; People Search, Reverse Phone Number Lookup, Public Record Search, and Background Checks. Here is how to use each one of them.

TruthFinder People Search

TruthFinder People Search is a feature that identifies a person’s detail on legal public databases, just by using their names. You just need the name of the person to use this feature, but you are bound to make your search more accurate and tailored down to the specific person you are searching for by entering a city and state too.

Benefits of Using People Search

  • Locate old friends, relatives, and neighbors
  • Research your potential date
  • Reunite with estranged loved ones
  • Research online sellers before buying from them
  • And more

How it Works

  1. Visit truthfinder.com
  2. Enter the first and last names of the person you are searching for
  3. You have an option in the next window to add a middle name, a city, and a state, to filter your results
  4. Wait for Truthfinder to do the rest of the magic.

TruthFinder Reverse Phone Lookup

This is simply a phone number search. It allows you to find out more information about a phone number user. All you need to do is enter the phone number and the tool will do it all for you.

Benefits of Using Reverse Phone Lookup

How it Works

  1. Go to truthfinder.com
  2. From the menu, click “Reverse Phone Lookup”
  3. Enter the number you want to, look up, and click “Search”

TruthFinder Public Records Search

Just like the name suggests, this feature helps you find the public records of an individual, know who you are dealing with, and what the government and courts have on them.

Benefits of Using Public Records

  • Find birth and death records
  • Arrest and criminal records
  • Bankruptcies and liens records

How it Works

  1. Go to truthfinder.com
  2. Hit “Public Records” from the menu
  3. Enter first and last names, city, and state
  4. Hit “Search”

TruthFinder Background Checks

TruthFinder’s Background Check allow you o perform your search by name, city, and state, just like in “People Search”. And you can be able to find family members, friends, roommates, business associates, and neighbors.

Inside Background Checks Reports

  • Personal information including names, age, photographs
  • Job and Education
  • Possible Relatives
  • Possible Associates
  • Possible Relationships
  • Contact Information
  • Location History
  • Criminal Records
  • Assets
  • Social Media Profiles and any other related links such as news stories. Blogs, Wikipedia pages, and personal websites.

How It Works

  1. Got to truthfinder.com
  2. Click on “Background Checks” from the menu
  3. Enter the names of the person you are doing a background check on, city and state
  4. Click “Search”

How To Cancel TruthFinder Subscription

You can easily cancel your TruthFinder Membership online or by calling their customer support anytime.

To cancel over the phone, call their toll-free number at (800) 699-8081 and have a customer support representative cancel it for you.

To cancel online, log in to your account, go to your membership settings page, go to active subscriptions, and hit “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION”.

Even after cancelation, you can still view the reports until your subscription runs out. If you had a monthly subscription, you will still access the site until that month is over.

The Verdict

It goes without saying that Truthfider is the number one background checker online. If you want to find out who is behind the anonymous calls you have been getting, then this is your best bet to find out all the information you need.

The site also ensures its reports are the most accurate and are as up-to-date as possible. So you are sure to find the right names, associates, addresses, and background records according to your search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TruthFinder Work?

Yes, TruthFinder works. There are many reviews online that confirm that the site is reliable in providing accurate and useful background information about individuals searched.

Is Truth Finder Legit?

TruthFinder is not only legit but also legal. Their sources of information include public records.

Is TruthFinder Free?

Unfortunately not. The site is a subscription-based service and you can only use it if you have a premium membership.