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BeenVerified Review and Guidelines

What is the best background search site to find reliable information about a person online? This is probably one of the most asked questions on the internet.

A background search site is a site where you can look up an individual by using their names, physical address, email address, or even phone number, to find more information and recent details about their whereabouts, what they do, and where they work, their relatives, and more.

BeenVerified is one such site.

This article has everything you need to know about BeenVerified before you use it; how it works, its features, how to get started, the cost of using it, and more. Read on to find out.


BeenVerified is an online platform to look up public records and background searches. With BeenVerified, you can access a detailed report on someone in seconds and stay informed.

– Diana Moraa

Customer service


BeenVerified is a background search and public record search website. It offers a range of services, including background searches, reverse phone lookups, criminal records searches, people searches, and reverse email lookup. With BeenVerified, you can access detailed reports of a person including criminal records, addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, and more.

  • Low-cost premium subscriptions: There are two main subscription plans you can go for; the 1 Month Membership which costs $26.89 and allows you to run 100 reports or the 3 Month Membership which costs $17.48/ month and also lets you run 100 reports per month.
  • Free PDF report downloads: If you want to download the report of your search results, just click the “print PDF” button at the top-right corner of the overview page of the report. You can then save it on your device or print it.
  • Great user interface: It has a straightforward user interface that makes navigation easy. When you visit the site, you can immediately start your search from the homepage and worry about your subscription later when your results are ready. No fluff.
  • The fast and easy sign-up process: To sign up;
    1. Visit the official site at BeenVerified.com
    2. On the home page, hit the “Sign Up” button at the top-right corner of the site
    3. In the next window, check the “Agree” box to comply with their terms and conditions
    4. Choose your membership plan
    5. Enter your preferred payment methodAnd confirm your subscription.
  • Search records are only within the US
  • Information may not be up-to-do hence inaccurate/ not so useful
  • Not free

Why Use A People Finder Like BeenVerified

There are many reasons you may want to such up someone or even yourself on a site like BeenVerified.

Some of these reasons include;

Reconnect with Your Loved Ones

All you need to do is know the name of that family member or classmate you want to reconnect with and some basic information like the last place they lived or their middle names and let the service do the rest for you.

Improve Customer Data

You can easily search by or for the emails and contact information of your your potential customers and clients, generate leads, and improve your business.

Make Better Decisions

Whether you met this guy/ lady on a dating app, or you are looking to buy a used vehicle (or any other goods) and want to look up online sellers, discovering more about them will help you know the best step to take next before you interact with them.

Search Yourself

It is important to know what the online streets have on you. If you are a more persevered person, you might not want all your information at everyone’s and anyone’s disposal. Or, you may just want to monitor your online reputation and public records.

Build Better and Stronger Relationships 

There is no better way to build trust in people you meet online or offline, and better relationships than to get to know them.

How Accurate is BeenVerified

The many reviews and high ratings on online are the biggest proof that BeenVerified is quite accurate and reliable. The only downside to this service is that sometimes it does not guarantee up-to-date results. But they are working on it.

It gets its results from a vast database from multiple sources online, one being publicly available information such as social media. And when an individual doesn’t leave too much digital footprint or no longer updates their online presence, it becomes hard to get their updated information, even with BeenVerified.

Does BeenVerified have a Free Version?

No, BeenVerified is a subscription-based service and doesn’t offer any free services. However, their premium membership subscriptions are affordable and come with worthwhile features and benefits.

The $1 Special BeenVerified Trial Offer

$1 7-day trial

You can get a $1 BeenVerified trial offer for seven days if you don’t want to subscribe just yet.

Go to beenverified.com/offers/, choose a $1 7-day trial, and hit “GET DEAL”. Always check out the details and terms to know what you are really getting yourself into.

BeenVerified Other Offers

You can also get yourself a discount with their other two subscription plans. On this same page (beenverified.com/offers/, scroll down to any of the deals you want;

  • The 3-month membership plan gets 35% off.
  • The 1-month membership plan gets a 15% off discount.

BeenVerified Search Results

Here is what will be included in your BeenVerified search results;

  1. Contact info
  2. Personal records
  3. Address and property
  4. Social media profiles
  5. Criminal and court records
  6. Photos 
  7. Location History
  8. Relatives

BeenVerified Subscription

The service offers two membership options;

  1. 1-Month Membership plan that goes for $26.89 per month
  2. 3-Month Membership that goes for $17.48 per month

This means at the end of the three months, with the 1-month membership plan you would have spent $80.67 while with the 3-month membership plan you would have spent $52.44, saving $28.23.

BeenVerified Membership Benefits

  • Background reports
  • Contact information
  • Phone lookups
  • Email lookups
  • Address lookups
  • Criminal records
  • Fast searching
  • Seven ways to search 
  • Notifications on change of report

How to Use BeenVerified

To use BeenVerified, you must create an account and pay for one of their premium subscriptions.

The process is fast, simple, and straightforward;

Sign-up on BeenVerified

  1. Go to beenverified website
  2. Click “sign up” from the menu at the top right corner of the site
  3. Tick the check box to agree to their terms and conditions in the next window and hit “Continue”
  4. Choose your preferred subscription membership
  5. Complete your preferred method of payment (Google Pay, PayPal, and Credit/ Debit card allowed) and submit
  6. Create your password and confirm

How to sign-in BeenVerified

  1. Go to beenverified.com
  2. Click “log in” from the menu at the top-right corner of the home page
  3. Enter your email address and password in the next window
  4. Hit “Sign in”

BeenVerified Features and Benefits

BeenVerified boasts seven main features on the site;

BeenVerified People Search

This is the service’s main feature. It is easy to use and returns loads of information on your search. All you need to do is type in the name of the person you are looking up, alongside any other information you may have at hand.

What you get;

  • Associated names
  • Age
  • Current address and address history
  • Associated phone numbers
  • Possible family members
  • Associated email address
  • Criminal history
  • Court records
  • Available photos
  • Social media accounts
  • Tax records

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Just like the name suggests, instead of using the names as on People’s Search, you use this feature by typing the number of the person you are looking up. Unfortunately, you won’t get as much information as you would with the former.

What you get;

  • A name
  • Location
  • Associated email addresses
  • A business name
  • Age
  • Associated social media accounts

Reverse Email Lookup

With this feature, you use an email to search and the service pulls up all the available information, helping you know the authenticity of the people or the company behind those email addresses.

What you get;

  • Associated names or companies
  • Associated social media profiles
  • Senders personal information

Reverse Address Lookup

BeenVerified’s this feature allows you to search by a physical address. This returns a detailed report about an address in the US. Whether you want to look up a property, learn more about neighbors and neighborhoods, or just better understand a particular area, you can count on the BeenVerified reverse address feature.

What you get;

  • Physical details about that particular address. for example, if it is a home, you get information including when it was built, number of rooms, landscape, square footage, and surrounding areas
  • Information about people living at that address, or past residents.

Username Search

Just like the reverse email lookup feature works, the username feature allows you to look up a unique username to learn more about the individual or an organization behind it. How you use it is that you type in a unique username (from a social media account or message board), and BeenVerified will do the rest of the search and collect detail for you.

What you get;

  • Personal information about the person behind the username, or the organization

VIN Number Search

This allows you to search a vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and get all the details associated with the vehicle including its history. All you need to do is type in the VIN and the site scans the database for associated information.

What you get;

  • Sales History
  • Accidents reports
  • Estimated value
  • Safety recalls

Unclaimed Money Search

It is easy to forget about an unclaimed tax refund, lost savings bond, or even overpaid utility bills. A lot of people in the US are unaware of money in their name that government and private agencies are keeping away.

You can use the Unclaimed Money Search future on BeenVerified.to confirm whether there are funds in your name that you are not sure about.

What you get;

  • The search results will include any funds in your name that haven’t been claimed yet so you can contact the relevant government agency and collect your money.

BeenVerified Mobile Apps

Besides the BeenVerified website, the service has released apps for all device compatibility. This means you can get the BeenVerified app on your Android phone, iPhone, and even your Apple Watch, allowing you to search on the go.

And the best thing is that as long as you have a BeenVerified subscription, you are sure to get all the features and benefits you would get while using the advanced lookup tool.

How to Cancel BeenVerified Subscription

BeenVerified provides an easy cancellation process. Simply call customer service at 1-866-885-6480 and have your 9-digit membership ID at hand (find it in your “Welcome New Member” email or from your “Account Details” section in your account).

Alternatively, cancel online by filling out the form on the BeenVerified contact page. Include your 9-digit membership ID in your message and clearly indicate that you wish to cancel your subscription.

You can also email support@beenverified.com asking to cancel your subscription. Include your membership ID in the email as well.

BeenVerified Alternatives

Want to check out other services like BeenVerified? Here are your best options;

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is more or less similar to BeenVerified. The site is a subscription-based service and doesn’t offer a free version. This means for you to get your reports you must subscribe to their available membership plans.

On the bright side, the site is reliable and trustworthy. With the membership, comes multiple benefits and great features to meet your expectations. You can search by name, phone number, email address, and even physical address.

2. Spokeo

Spokeo has a convenient and reliable free version of the service that especially comes in handy if all you are looking for is some basic information such as contact information, social media profiles, and a physical address.

If you want a more advanced report like criminal records, you have to subscribe to their membership plans, which are also affordable. You can search by names, numbers, physical, and email addresses.

3. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is more or less like Spokeo. It comes with a free version which is also reliable in giving basic results and paid memberships if you are looking for more advanced information.

Your results include contact information, personal details and records, location history, financial data and properties, family background and family members, criminal records, social media profiles, and more.

Final Verdict

BeenVerified is a legitimate service that is clear about all its operations and offers some of the most reliable features and benefits in its industry. This includes up to seven ways to perform your search as discussed above.

Note that, with all the information you get, it is important not to use it for blackmail, or scam. Rather, it is great for reconnecting with friends and relatives, building relationships, and generally getting to know more about people, or properties by using VIN and Address Search.

People Also Asked About BeenVerified

How can I find a person for free?

Online background search has grown into a big industry giving you multiple options when it comes to services and tools for looking up people, places, and properties. BeenVerified is one of the big names in this industry. Check out the full review above.

What are the Best Background Search Sites?

There are several trusted and reliable sites you can use to Background search. BeenVerified is one of the subscription-based sites you can rely on. You can also try out other alternatives such as Spokeo, PeopleFinders, and TruthFinder.

Can I trust BeenVerified?

As said above, BeenVerified is a legitimate site that is open and straightforward with its data sources and all its services.