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Net Nanny Review and Guidelines

If you are looking for parental control that will do all the legwork for you and always keep you in the know on what your kids are up to, then Net Nanny is your best option.

The service not only monitors but also limits and protects your kids from all the wrongs of the internet. In this guide, you will learn why Net Nanny is the best service, the features you should expect, the pros and cons, and how much it will cost you.

Net Nanny Review

Net Nanny is the world’s most advanced parental control software that helps you protect your children from online dangers like pornography, cyber-bullying, and other inappropriate websites. With Nat Nanny’s advanced filtering, monitoring, and blocking tools, you can ensure your children are safe and secure on the internet.

– Diana Moraa

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Net Nanny filters out online content block inappropriate websites, and monitors online activity so that parents can feel secure knowing their children are safe while they are online. It also allows parents to set time limits, manage social media accounts, and get advanced tips on digital parenting. Overall, Net Nanny is a valuable tool for parents to protect their children from the potential risks of the internet. How do we review an app? Learn here.


Net Nanny Features and Benefits

The main reason we love this software is all the features and benefits you will get. These give you total control and always let you in on what your kids are doing online, what their interests are, and guide them on building healthy cyber habits.

And they all come down to the most important things;

  • Scan
  • Monitor
  • Limit
  • Protect

Check them out below;

1. Parental Controls

A parental control software lets you in on your kids’ online world. And it just doesn’t stop at that, it gives you the power and control over all their online activities. This means you’ll be able to block sites and apps you feel are inappropriate for your kids, filter the content your kids are accessing in real-time, manage your kids’ screen time, and so much more.

2. Screen Time Management

Smartphones, iPhones, and computers could be addictive, especially with the unlimited internet provided. And it is easy for kids to get carried away because they are not responsible enough and don’t know where to draw the line.

That is why you need screen management software, not to put a curfew for them, but teach them how to control and e responsible with their time online. Besides, spending too much on the screen could cause health and behavioral problems including;

  • Childhood obesity
  • Attention problems
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Physiological problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Troubles in school
  • Internet addiction

3. Website and App Blockers

There are millions of websites online and thousands more are being launched every day. Now, not all these websites are educational, useful, or decent entertainment. Some of them are inappropriate for your kids.

Net Nanny app blockers help you keep your kids from these inappropriate sites.

It gives you the control to;

  • Filter content on the internet
  • Block some sites and apps
  • Add approved sites to a list for your kids
  • Receive alerts when your kids attempt to access blocked sites
  • Review history of visited sites

4. Location Tracker

It is physically impossible to follow your kids everywhere they go. As a parent, you are busy, not only with your parenting duties, but work, family, relationships, friendships, and more. Even so, you still want to know the places your kids’ visit and whether they are always safe.

Net Nanny Location tracker does all the work for you and lets you know your kids’ location right on your device without you having to follow them around.

This feature allows you to;

  • Know where your kids are in real time
  • View the previous locations your kids have visited
  • Track all your kids’ locations 

5. Internet Filter

The Internet Filter works just like app and site blockers. With this feature, you can view all the content your kids are viewing in real-time, without stopping or slowing the internet. It analyzes the web pages and their contents.

It then determines if the content should be censored (porn, bullying and harassment, hate speech, etc.) or if your kids are unsafe and send you an alert immediately. You have full control over the settings and Net Nanny Filter can allow or block content on the internet depending on your settings.

Being able to keep the good and block the bad gives you some peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe with or without your physical presence.

6. Alerts and Reporting

This feature alerts and reports to you dangerous visited sites. Based on your settings;

  • Get alerts about blocked content and what time it was accessed
  • App summary of the apps your kids frequent
  • Reports on daily screen time usage
  • Search history reports including the specific search terms and search engines.

7. Family Feed

Net Nanny’s feature gives you an overview of your kids’ activity and you can access anywhere, anytime, from any device, and any browser. From here, you can access all notifications and alerts, block apps, get location updates, and even change settings.

Other Features Include;

YouTube Monitoring–to monitor the YouTube videos your kids are watching, know the content they are searching for, how much they spend on each content they view on YouTube, Know their interests, and more.

Social Media Protection—From the Social Media Protection Screen, you can choose to block some content on social media alongside all services, websites, and other content associated.

Parent Dashboard—From the Net Nanny parental dashboard, you can view the Family Feed, view Content Filtering settings and even change them, manage blocked and whitelisted sites, view alerts and reports, manage screen time, and more.

Net Nanny Plans & Pricing

Their pricing plans come in three packages;

  • To protect 1 desktop, compatible with both PC and Mac. This goes for $39.99 per year.
  • Family protection Pass for 5 devices, compatible with PC, Mac, and Mobile at $54.99/ year or $11 per device per year
  • Family Protection Pass for 20 devices, compatible with PC, Mac, and Mobile, at $89.99/ year

Net Nanny Business Solution

Net Nanny for Business is created for professionals, managers, and anyone who wants to increase productivity and run smooth operations in their businesses. The feature comes with a small business content filtering solution called ContentProtect.

This helps increase productivity by blocking time-wasting or unnecessary sites and apps in your computer systems. You get to see alerts and reports based on your settings which enables you to make better decisions.

And the best part is that you can get ContentProtect for Mac, Windows, and Android. ContentProtect for Android also comes with Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools for Android devices.

Net Nanny Alternatives

While Net Nanny is a great service to use, there are great alternatives you can try out that work just as well.

Check them out below;


Smartphone and devices are almost becoming a necessity for kids. They use it for entertainment, school work, communication with friends and family, and more.

But we can all agree that there is more on tech internet than just educational content. To ensure your kids are safe from explicit and inappropriate content on tech internet, Canopy allows you access to their online activity so you know what your kids are doing, what content they should engage with, what to block, which one to approve, and more. Check out the full Canopy review here.


OurPact is a parental control app and website blocker that empowers parents to manage their family’s screen time and internet access. With OurPact, parents can set screen time limits, block or allow websites, and monitor device activity on iOS, Android, and Kindle devices, helping them to foster healthy digital habits in their children. Read OurPact full review here.


Bark App is another parental control app that lets you in on all your kids’ online activity. You get to see the apps they install and use, the website they frequent, their social media content, and conversations they have online.

The blocking feature lets you block sites you consider inappropriate, and whitelist the sites that you approve. Read the full Bark App review in this guide for everything you need to know.

Final Verdict

It goes without saying that Net Nanny remains one of the best parental control software, all things considered. The simple yet modern design of the apps and the website are especially one of their many turn-ons.

Features like web filtering, alerts and reporting, and web and app blocking, are what parents look for and the software provides them and more. With all the features and benefits you get, Net Nanny is definitely worth investing in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see text messages on Net Nanny?

No, Net Nanny does not provide any feature for monitoring text messages. It is designed to allow parents to monitor online activity, such as websites visited and online searches, but does not provide any monitoring text messages sent or received.

Is net nanny app free?

No, Net Nanny is a paid subscription service that provides internet safety, parental control, and monitoring. The cost of the subscription varies depending on the plan you choose.